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Learn Written Eng​lish

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Short term certificate programs that will help you develop your written communication. Learn the basics and reach the advanced level in few months.

Improve writing, reading, grammar & vocabulary.

About The Program

The Writing course is designed along the live online classes. It combines various learning tools along with online classes given by the trainers. It aims at developing the core language skills and knowledge which are needed to have excellent expression in written English at various scenarios.

We emphasize on correct and effective usage of English grammar, punctuation & vocabulary, as we believe no student's skillset is truly complete without mastering these elements of the English language.  

Course Outline

The writing course is divided into three main components

Part I. Developing Writing Skills 

This part has modules that have a focus on  different forms of expression and how to write, such as narrations, arguments and responses


Learning Outcomes: 

  • Understanding different forms of expressions, its importance and writing them 

  • Developing your own style of writing

  • Understanding the difference between verbal and written communication

Part II.Additional Language Skills 

This component contains key modules such as advanced grammar, general and business vocabulary, and advanced reading skills.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Correct grammar usage 

  • Learn advanced grammar and punctuation for better expressions    

  • Using the appropriate vocabulary, idioms and phrases 

  • Learn idea expressions through advanced reading: key ideas,main ideas and sub-ideas 

Part III.Business Writing

Business Writing has two modules: Business Correspondence and Business Documentation. In these modules, learners are taught how to apply their writing skills learned earlier using Business English in a given business scenario.

Modules and business scenarios are taken from day to day business process such as sales, customer support, finance, accounts, HR, operations, supply chain.

Learning outcomes 

  • Clear, concise and confident expressions in written and spoken form as well

  • Understanding the business requirements and choosing the writing style for them

  • Proficiency level equivalent to :

    • Intermediate Course: Cambridge B2 Or IELTS 5.5-6.5​

    • Advanced  Course: Cambridge C1 Or IELTS 7.0 -8.5 

Key Features

Program Take Aways  


Certificate of Completion from EnglishAhead Education and Training 


Customised learning content from EnglishAhead & printed course books from Cambridge University Press on general English, vocabulary, advanced grammar & business English 

Final Assessment and Certification Option  from Cambridge English 

Confident Writer

In You  

Final Assessment and Certification Option  from Cambridge English 

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