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60 / 90 Hrs. of with live online training and self study. A hands training program. Modules designed  to improve productivity and performance. Participants will not only improve the English speaking, writing and listening skills but also learn the finer points of effective workplace communication with the usage of MS PowerPoint and MS Excel in it.   


Verbal Ability Development - Speaking 
Active Listening 
 Advanced Grammar 
 Business Vocabulary & Idioms 
Managerial Communication
MS Power Point For Presentations
Advanced Excel  For Data Centric Communication


The advanced level online training program has learning modules from Cambridge Business English course aimed to prepare the participants in forms of expression and communication modes.

Besides English language there are modules on learning MS Excel and MS Power Point, which are now the essential tools used in day to day workplace communication.

After training and understanding the needs of working executives since 2010, a wholistic approach has been taken to design this course. Our approach since then has been solution based. Check out few of the  unique features of this advanced level program on business communication



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