Business English for Freshers and Final Year Students

  • Combination of one to one & small online group classes having upto 6 participants   
  • Face to face classroom programs for large groups at an educational institute premises 
Program Overview


This 6 week is program is designed to :-

  • build the foundation of business English amoung freshers

  • correct langauge errors 

  • prepare the participants for the job interviews.


Be it the first time job seeker or an experienced professional, the need to have perfect English communication is must. The program is based on real-time scenarios and pre-written scenarios from Cambridge English curriculum 


Participants get a custom designed course as per need, and it is focused to develop and correct the language. Upon the course completion they will be equipped with new tools and techniques of effective communication written and verbal form during the job search and change


Besides language teachers at EnglishAhead, we have  an experienced team of Business professionals to teach the participants the best ways to manage the interview scenarios right from job application stage till the first day on the new jobs.

Learning English Can Be Enriching & Engaging. That's How We Teach!

Participants are given relevant prewritten scenarios from day to day life beforehand and even during the class.The stories are used as examples to teach the language structure, grammar and vocabulary.


The skills-based sessions for listening, speaking & reading development are conducted based on them.There are more than 30 such scenarios, using which the classes are planned and conducted


The participant not only learns the language but also understands those scenarios and best ways to communicate with them.

Few Scenarios & Story Titles For Online Class Sessions
  • New job search & application

  • Contacting prospective employers 

  • Planning travel for job interviews

  • Facing the 2nd and 3rd interview rounds 

  • My present job sucks!

  • Communicating effectively with your supervisor

  • Attending an interview at the lunch table

  • Negotiating salaries 

  • Describing one's profile 

Based On Cambridge English Curriculum 
The option of Cambridge English Certification 
  • Talking about the new job. 

  • Talking about achievement 

  • First day at the new office  

  • Attending telephonic interviews

  • Interacting with other job applicants 

  • The group discussion round 

  • Changing jobs

  • Talking about your CV 

  • Presenting yourself

                                                   And many more... 

WhatsApp english group
Key Features:


  • Delivered in an online classroom available on PCs & mobile devices  

  • Customised and personalised

  • Based on real scenarios: more than 30  scenarios to be chosen from

  • One to one or group online classes with 5-6 participants 

  • Periodic assessments & feedback 

  • Level based programs: Basic & Intermediate 

  • International E-Learning course for self-study, practice  and assessments

  • Comes with online and printed course material

  • After class academic support and online peer collaboration

  • Based on latest international teaching methods: Blended learning model

Program Format


Online. Conducted online, classes are delivered by the expert online teacher/trainer, using the internet. The student and the teacher connect at a prescheduled time and the classes are delivered on a one to one and in a group 5 participants.They connect using online classroom teaching applications.


The programs have a very good and well researched blended learning model, which is a mix of:

  • Live teacher classes with videos & ppt. shows

  • Role plays and discussions

  • Multimedia-based e-learning course (optional)

  • Mobile chat collaboration

  • Printed worksheets

  • Books

Normal Classroom: For a batch of 10-25 participants in an educational institution 

Program duration


The standard online program has :

  • The number of classes: 12 classes of 60-90 min. each.

  • Duration: The course can be finished within a max period of 6 weeks.

  • Class frequency: 2-3 class per week  

  • Self-study time: 3 hrs per week

  • Total minimum learning time: 42 hrs

Program Coverage


  • Language Structure & Grammar 

  • Pronunciation

  • Spoken Business English Fluency

  • Vocabulary & Idioms

  • Essential Listening & Reading  Skills

  • Managing Interviews

  • Resume writing and self-presentation 

  • Telephonic Interviews 

  • Interview Etiquettes

For course fee & registrations please fill in the callback request form: REQUEST A CALLBACK FROM US 


Offering & Titles 

  • English for First Time Job Seeker

  • English for Job Interviews - For Working Professional

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