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Corporate Training Programs

EnglishAhead’s Corporate Communication training workshops are designed working professionals at various levels. Participants not only learn  and improve business communication  but also improve their English Communication skills from the modules based on Cambridge Business English, English grammar and vocabulary.

There are English Language learning modules to improve Spoken English and Written English besides modules on business communication 

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Program Overview

There are courses English communication based on the present levels of English language among the participants who are working professionals at various levels. Participants could be entry-level executives, managers and business leaders.

Classes are delivered physically in the form of live, hands-on training at corporate premises to group  of learners  or online in 1-on-1 coaching formats. Depending on the participants’ employment level, you can pick from the three program levels:

  • Basic Level: 80-120 hours
    For: first-time job seekers; management trainees; executives; senior executives, and employees who come from non-English academic backgrounds.

  • Intermediate: 60-80 hours
    For: first-time managers; team leaders; project leaders; regional/branch managers; business unit heads

  • Advanced: 40 hours
    For: senior leadership, e.g., managers and business leaders who are managing teams; senior-level functional/subject matter experts; head of departments; CXO-level employees


The business communication and English Language training program  is designed using written scenarios and live examples from Cambridge English coursebooks for Business English, General English, Grammar and vocabulary , with support for listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as grammar and vocabulary.

In addition to this, there are learning units on email writing, report writing, presentation skills, public speaking, etc.

Key Learning Objectives of the Corporate communication training program

For the Basic Level Course

At the end of their course, learners will be able to:

  • use accurate English grammar while communicating in English Language;

  • use a wide range of general and business vocabulary suited to various contexts;

  • have conversations in English language ;

  • talk about business subjects;

  • understand and describe charts and graphs in English;

  • write short business emails;

  • follow short telephone conversations


For the Intermediate Level Course

At the end of their course, learners will be able to:

  • participate confidently in face-to-face, online and telephonic conversations, whether individually or in a group;

  • listen to, understand and give their own opinions in meetings;

  • spot and eliminate any grammatical errors in their English;

  • use intermediate-level vocabulary suited for daily and business communication

  • write short business messages and reports

  • read and analyse articles from business publications

  • use Business English with ease

For the Advanced Level Course

At the end of their course, learners will be able to:

  • communicate effectively at managerial and professional level using better  narratives, articulation, presentation skills 

  • participate with confidence in workplace meetings and presentations; steer and lead conversations

  • express complex ideas with a high level of fluency

  • summaries their ideas concisely while speaking and writing

  • Act appropriately in different cultural and social situations

  • develop expertise in Business English .

Participants upon completion of the course will develop skills needed email writing, report writing, presenations, public speaking 


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