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The EnglishAhead IELTS Program

Key Features & Fees

IELTS Training Duration

Options :

Participants at a Basic  Level  : 48 Classes in 12-16 Weeks

Participants at  an Upper Basic/ Intermediate Level  : 32 Classes in 8 -10 Weeks

Grammar & Vocabulary

The 3 month course has lessons on basic and advanced grammar along with vocabulary as well. While preparing for IELTS fix your language errors and also learn grammar topic needed for advanced expressions in speaking and writing.

Experienced Trainers 

Attend live online IELTS classes from experienced and certified faculty in teaching English. Benefit from team of certified language teachers and business communication trainers.

Personalised Attention

Study plans designed to as per your learning goals, time schedule and your aptitude. Benefit from One to one sessions or while studying in small groups of 6 learners

Mock Test

The EnglishAhead IELTS course has online English test from Cambridge English which is used as mock test and will help you check your level as per IELTS score/ CEFR level. 

Check your readiness before the exam and score high in one attempt for all 4 language skills . Save upon your time and additional IELTS exam fees. 

Self Study Lessons

Along with the classes you will get self study lessons which for extra practice in all the language skills : listening, speaking , reading and writing . One can opt for an international  e-learning course from Pearson Education for self study and practice all skill listening, reading and writing. An AI powered course which will help you self assess as well

The Cambridge English Advantage 

The 2-3 months course is designed using Cambridge English lessons and course curriculum for IELTS. Learn and practice form rich content used by many learners across the world


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December 5,2020