Learning In A Live Online Classroom

The EnglishAhead's online English classroom learning offers a unique blend of live connect with online teacher, access to digital learning content, self study plans, class assignments, teacher reviews and online English tests

Discover The Joy & Excitement Of

Learning English Online

Learn at your place, at your time and at your speed under an expert guidance of on online English teacher and achieve International levels

Online Teacher

One to One Online


Delivered by an online English teacher.


Key features: -

  • Live Video Classes of 1hr.

  • 2-4 classes in a week
  • Cambridge Native English content ( FLE )

  • Cambridge English Certification Options

  • Activity based lessons 

  • Use of digital teaching tools 

  • Delivered via skype or zoom call

  • Login to digital classroom for after class studies

Online Tutorial

Feel Empowered

Boost Your Confidence 

  • High Teacher Attention 

  • Customised Lessons Addressing Your Needs

  • Extensive Practice on language Language skills

  • English Lessons based on native English course materials

Confident Businessman

Flexible Class Timings

  • Choose from early morning, afternoon, evening and night time slots

  • Classes on Sat - Sun as well 

  • Weekly Study Plans

Modern Watch




  • Batch of 6 participants

  • Live video classes of 2 hr.

  • Cambridge English lesson plans

  • Cambridge Native English course content/ English as First language learning materials

  • Activity based lessons 

  • Use of digital teaching tools 

  • 2-4 class per week

  • Delivered via skype or zoom call

  • Login to digital classroom for after class studies

Online Workshop

Discover Interactive And Collaborative Online Learning Experience 

  • Remove Fear And Hesitation 

  • Group Discussion

  • Meet New People

  • Public Speaking Classes

Startup Team

Benefit and Enjoy Peer Learning.

  • Group Activities In The Online Class 

  • Peer Reviews and Feedback

  • Fixed Weekly Class Schedule

Team Talk

Key Objectives 

  • Increase the confidence level in using Native English Communication to achieve success

  • Deliver international standards in English learning

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  • Improve the learner's present level, from basic to intermediate or from intermediate to advanced

  • Provide an online platform for great learning and extensive practice of all language skills


  • Meet the English learning requirements for various needs & situations for diversified segments 

  • Provide tools and techniques in all forms for effective learning and practice of English 

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