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EnglishAheadOnline soluttion  is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of learners. Right from college student aspiring for the first job and preparing for a job interview, to the senior business leader preparing for internal job role or leadership role where advanced communication skills are pre-requisites for the job

It has been designed after training and meeting a large number of learners since EnglishAhead started in 2010. The EnglishAheadOnline online program is powered by a widely used international online e-learning course for language learning used in more than 40 countries, printed books on business English, customised content as per learner level and online tutor classes.

The program aims at providing sustainable learning outcome among learners. The aim is to provide a complete learning experience addressing all the challenges

  • Get over the errors, hesitation & fears

  • Improve spoken fluency

  • Improve self-expressions and build confidence

  • Verbal and written comprehension

  • Improve listening and reading skills  

  • Have better writing skills at work

  • Develop vocabulary

  • Improve pronunciation and ascent

  • Learn business communication

  • And lastly, put the learner in self-learning path of collaborative learning

Key Features & Benefits

Level Based Courses
A seperate program for each level of learning; basic,intermediate and advanced.Complete one,undertake online assessment and move to next level.Choose the the duration as per your Need:3 - 6 -12 months.
Learn your time & pace
Study during evenings, weekends.Learn & practice while on move using your mobile device.
if needed sign for online classes and attend live online classes
Study at Your Place
Be connected to the teachers, and other learners and learn any time, any where on your device.
Books & Printed Materials
Too much of screen ? Switch over to books and printed materials to study.International books and customised learning material.
Student Study Planner
Organise your self study along with other activities.Customised for each participant,it is designed to meet the learning goals.Guides & helps the participants how much & what to study, at each stage of learning.
Get a high quality international offering with an online teacher support that will fit into your budget.Start at Rs.600 per month withour a tutor and Rs.1000 per month with online tutor
Know your progress.Periodic assessments in the onlne course, in addition to the final test conducted by academic support team of EnglishAhead.
Learn All Skills
Activities,quizzes,role plays,projects,business casses,study plans classes are learning tools to ensure the development of all skills and essential learnings.
Online Tutor Support
Free Online Support :Each participant is alloted an online tutor and learners can connect with his/her online tutor.
Paid online class: 1:1 and group online classes as per participants' time .
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 Course Levels & Duration 

Program Levels :

Basic, Intermediate or Advanced as per the assessment results of the present level and the learning objectives to be achieved. 


With Active Classes: Online class-based courses with 16/24/36 classes which can be completed in 12 weeks

Self-study: Using an International E-learning course with an integrated mobile app. Participants get 6/12 months to complete the e-learning course basic, intermediate or advanced, after the first-time activation. 

The course completion happens after a final assessment.

In addition to this E-learning course EnglishAheadOnline has :

- Printed Books for Business English & Communication learning 

- Online support for the written assignment

- Customised learning as per needs 

- Online Assesment

- Online Guidance for IELTS test preparation 

- Certificate of Completion with Scores from EnglishAhead Education & Training   

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