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People who learn with EnglishAhead achieve amazing outcomes. Our online self learning English course is powered by international an interactive E-Learning course, assessments and customised learning materials cut to the core of the English skill they cover comprehensible and engaging to viewers. Whatever your individual goals may be, we’re confident that our English Language Course will foster consistent and substantial improvements in speaking, listening, reading ,writing  along with grammar and vocabulary.

Our self learning program aims to engage the participants well enough to deliver an enriching learning experience.The program has the best in the class international E-learning course, combines latest internet & mobile app to collaborate and effective self study plans.It also has has on demand online academic support provided by a passionate and well trained training team from EnglishAhead.

Key Features & Benefits

Level Based English Courses
Course for each level of learning; basic , intermediate and advanced.Complete one, pass an exam and more to next.
Learn your time & pace
Study during evenings, weekends. Learn & practice while on move using your mobile device.
Study At Your Place
Be connected to the teachers and learn any time, any where on your device.
Books & Printed Materials
Too much of screen ? Switch over to the books and printed materials to study. International books and customized material provided in the study kit.
Student Study Planner
Organise your self study along with other activities.Customised for each participant it is designed to meet the learning goals.It guides & helps the participants how much & what to study, at each stage of learning.
Affordable. Starting from Rs.600 per month
Get a high quality international offering with an online teacher support that will fit into your budget.Right returns on small investment assured.
Assessments & Tests
Know your progress. Assessments in the E-learning course, in addition to the test conducted by academic support team of EnglishAhead.
Learn All English Language Skills
Get a complete learning Improve on all skills using AI driven course Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing along with grammar and vocabulary
Online Support
Group of teachers working constantly and connecting online using chats,internet calls and email to help and guide the participants.
Learn English Online
Avail this fabulous offer. Jump start you English Learning. Ask for Online meeting and demo
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Program Components

SMS / WhatsApp Course code 'EASL' &

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 Course Levels & Duration 

Self Study Kit

Learn and Asses Your Self

Each participant is provided a customised self study plan, which is a part of the online study kit provided to him/her. The kit also has online worksheets and pdf. books on Vocabulary, Business English and Grammar with option for printed course books. Course books from Cambridge English.

Chat Groups

Connect with Teachers for Querries


With an aim to engage the learners better and collaborate are added to the whatsapp chat group administered by EnglishAhead's academic support team. It is focused to improve written skills communication development, besides are building vocabulary and grammar correction. 

Meet us online to learn more.

EnglishAhead Academic Support

Remote Online Teachers

Besides the moderation of online groups and a regular feedback, the participants are provided academic support using email and whatsapp chats by teachers at EnglishAhead. Participants are also given periodic guidance and online assessment feedbacks.

E-Learning Course Logins

6-12 months login 


Login to an international E-Learning course powered by AI tech. Learn, practice and assess speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.Tried and tested course with modules and test on each skill. Basic , Intermediate and Advanced level courses levels mapped to CEFR B1, B2  and C1.  

Spoken English Practice Groups

Now Practice Speaking With Others

Besides being part of online groups and a regular feedback, the participants can opt for online spoken English practice sessions. Learn & practice with your peers in group discussions moderated by Online teachers from EnglishAhead. Meet us online to learn more.


Module Tests and End of Course Test 

Participants undergo upto 3-4 online assessments during the entire program of 6 months. They are monitored by the teachers at EnglishAhead. These assessments are on: listening, spoken, reading, writing, grammar & vocabulary. The teaching group at EnglishAhead provides the guidance to improve the performance

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