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Improve Business Communication at work


EnglishAhead's Business Communication program has been designed for working professionals such as first-time managers, team leaders, business executives and frontline sales professionals.


​This program teaches at a multi fold level. It helps you:

  • Learn Business English 

  • Improve your Business vocabulary

  • Correct your English grammar usage

  • Learn the Business communication tools and techniques needed to excel at your workplace


Classroom lessons are designed and taught using mock scenarios from a variety of business situations. Examples and topics are taken from Cambridge Business English course books and study materials.

You will be taught Group Online classes with upto 4-6 participants. 1 on 1 can also be provided on need and demand.


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • use English fluently and accurately in a variety of business contexts.

  • deliver presentations effectively at work, with the help of improved presentation  and public speaking skills, as well as advanced knowledge of communication tools such as MS PowerPoint, MS Teams and MS Excel.

  • read business correspondence, articles, reports and documentation swiftly and comprehensively, with a keen eye for detail.

  • write accurately and appropriately for a range of business correspondence, such as e-mails, chats and letters.

  • use the correct grammar and appropriate vocabulary while communicating in English, depending on the audience and context.

  • understand the conventions and requirements of business reports and documentations, and modify your writing accordingly.


Suitable for
CEFR Level
Format per week
Training Hours
Class Duration
Course Duration
English Language and Business Communication
Executives, Senior Executives
Intermediate (Cambridge: B1-B2)
3 live online classes: 2 one-to-one & 1 group
1.5 hours
3 months
Advanced English & Business Communication
Managers and Business Leaders
Advanced (Cambridge: C1 Advanced)
3 live online classes: 2 one-to-one & 1 group
1.5 hours
4 months
Advanced English and Business Communication
Managers and Business Leaders
Advanced (Cambridge: C1 Advanced)
2 online one-to-one classes
2 Hours
2 Months


Learn Business Effective Communication

At the end of the course, participants will be equipped with Business Communication tools and English Language Techniques to communicate effectively at work. There are spoken English and written English learning modules for effective Business communication at work. Participants will benefit from learning modules on email etiquettes, report writing, power point presentations and public speaking.

Flexible Timings

Our classes are scheduled according to your convenience, at the hours that you think will be best for your learning. Our teachers and study batches are available from early morning till late in the evening, as well as on weekends.

Online Teaching

Our primary mode of teaching Business Communication is in small batches of 4-6 participants. This allows each class to be held during the learner's preferred hours. Additionally, there is high teacher attention, which leads to faster learning, as every topic is addressed in detail and according to the student's level.

Course Content Based on Cambridge Business English

Each course is taught using course materials from Cambridge International, a globally recognised brand for teaching and learning Business English. This helps them attain English language proficiency in accordance with the relevant framework of Cambridge Business English level.

Online Classes With an Experienced Trainer

Our business communication classes are conducted online via Zoom in a group of 4-6 participants under the supervision of an experienced trainer.Additionally, each course comes with online learning materials such as videos, articles and worksheets. All you need to learn with us is a laptop and a high-speed internet connection!
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