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Live 1-on-1 and group online classes for working professionals :business executives, first-time managers, business team leaders and entrepreneurs. Our classes are taught by experienced tutors using Cambridge English course books and are based Cambridge English levels.

Learn English At Work
Four people having a discussion at work. Image by Brook Cagle on Unsplash.

Spoken English & Business Communication

Master your English language and communication skills. Attend live online 1-to-1 and group classes on business English and communication. Learn workplace English needed at executive level.

Course Level: Intermediate/ Cambridge B2 / IELTS 6.5

Advanced English & Business Communication

Online 1-to-1 and group classes to help you change the way you communicate at work as a  manager and business leader. Learn advanced vocabulary and grammar, English Language skills, as well as new and advanced methods of managerial and business communication.

Course Level: Advanced / Cambridge C1 Advanced / IELTS 7.5

Learn Managerial Communication
A man giving a presentation during a business meeting.

Spoken English

Online spoken English classes to help you improve your English-speaking proficiency. Learn how to speak fluently and with confidence.

Four people having a discussion at work. Image by Brook Cagle on Unsplash.

Checkpoint English

For Classes 6-8: online 1-to-1 skill development classes teaching listening, speaking, reading and writing. Includes optional exam prep for the Checkpoint Lower Secondary English exam.

Business Writing

Live 1-to-1 and group online classes teaching you professional business writing that features advanced grammar, forms and vocabulary. Learn how to write for a variety of business contexts and audiences

A black man who is at work and writing something in a notebook with a blue pen.
A woman in a hijab attending an online class and waving at the screen.

IELTS General

Attend live classes to learn important concepts and fix sources of error. Our coaching is designed to help you enhance your test-related skills for the four IELTS General exam components: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. 

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